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Library Information

Contact Information

Address :
JL. Pawiyatan Luhur Bendan Duwur, Gajahmungkur, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50235

Phone Number :
(024) 8441771
Fax Number :
(024) 8441772

Email :


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday :
Open : 08.00 AM
Close : 09.00 PM

Saturday :
Open : 08.00 AM
Close : 08.00 PM



We have many types of collections in our library, range from Fictions to Sciences Material, from printed material to digital collections such CD-ROM, CD, VCD and DVD. We also collect daily serials publications such as newspaper and also monthly serials such as magazines.

Perpustakaan UNTAG Semarang

NPP : 3374092D2014810

Jl. Pawiyatan Luhur Bhendan Duwur - Semarang

Fax. 024-8441772


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